About Us

About US

Fiona and Kim started SLiB initially to help self-employed women learn more about their businesses, to develop their skills and knowledge to lead them towards business growth. We were the original networking coffee morning group of Taunton, and much emphasis has been placed on the availability and consumption of cake over the years.

By facilitating an easy-going and friendly networking environment, with educated and professionally recognised speakers, we create a motivational meeting which enables our attendees to not only find those all-important business contacts but real friendships. The group has grown over the years, to involve many small businesses and employed corporate businesswomen.

Within our meetings are some extraordinary and inspirational business stories with room for everyone, no matter which industry you are in. With such a wealth of knowledge to draw on, we emphasize the importance of helping others to promote a healthy local economy in Somerset.

Fiona Marlow and Kim Philpots have been friends for the last 18 years having met each whilst working as Apprentice Assessors and very firmly believe in lifelong learning and working hard.