Somerset Ladies in Business – Friday 19th April 2024

“Empowering Well-being with Chloe Dare: An Introduction to Duopody Reflexology and NEPIP “

We are utterly delighted to be welcoming one of our existing attendees to give the presentation this month, in her first official month of trading as Rosewater Heart Reflexology.

Chloe has been coming along to SLiB’s Cricket St Thomas meeting for several months now whilst she completes her training as a clinical reflexologist, and so we are delighted to be celebrating Chloe’s achievements with her. In this month’s talk, Chloe will be discussing what led her to retrain as a holistic therapist, what Duopody Reflexology is and how it can help individuals with their well-being, and in particular, reducing stress and improving mood.

Trained to use a specific stress protocol, known as NEPIP, Chloe will explore its elements and how this can help to reduce stress.

The mind-body connection, inherent to the practice of reflexology, is also a crucial component of NEPIP. Using her skills and knowledge from her advanced reflexology training and her previous experience in psychological therapies, Chloe will discuss how managing our thoughts/worries and reconnecting with our bodies can help to manage stress and improve overall well-being.

Chloe Dare is a newly qualified clinical reflexologist and the founder of Rosewater Heart Reflexology which is based at Church Street Wellness Clinic in Crewkerne from mid-April 2024. Chloe offers reflexology treatments to all those looking for a relaxing holistic experience to support their wellbeing holding a safe, supportive space for them. Trained in specific areas such as fertility, pregnancy, menopause, stress and palliative support, Chloe creates bespoke reflexology treatments tailored to each individual’s well-being needs.

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