Somerset Ladies in Business – Friday 17th May 2024

Damsel without Stress

“Am I good enough? Yes, I am.”

― Michelle Obama

We are delighted to welcome our new SLiB member to give the presentation this month at our Taunton meeting, at Pickeridge Golf Course, Laura Wilding, from Psychotherapy -Somerset, based at Hestercombe, near Taunton. Laura is a psychotherapist working with Transactional Analysis. Laura will be talking about the following:

  • How can we resource ourselves as women, when we learn that expectations and demands are different from early childhood?
  • Questioning our own worth and feeling torn between family life and work is often part of women’s experiences. How can we recognise our strengths and how do we unlock our recources?
  • Looking at the messages we were given by society from early age and how these influenced our sense of self, we can begin to recognise unhelpful patterns…and work towards changing them.

Transactional Analysis (TA) is a psychotherapeutic approach that examines interactions between individuals based on three ego states: Parent, Adult, and Child. It aims to improve communication and relationship dynamics by identifying and modifying unproductive patterns, fostering personal growth and healthier relationships.

Laura, also splits her work between an NHS trauma clinic and her own private practice where she works with anxiety, depression, grief, ASD, couples-work and more. She is married and has five children between the ages of five to eighteen. She is also part of a project that builds preschools in Africa. She explains that she is interested in each individual, their story and why their life has made the turns & twists it has. Together, she can begin to help you make sense of your experiences, explore your feelings and open up for a new path ahead of you. at somerset ladies in business


Come along to our Somerset Ladies in Business events, where women who run businesses or are professionals get together to support and help each other grow. It’s a friendly spot to meet new people, make friends, and get some good advice or encouragement for your work.

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Looking for a boost in motivation or someone to bounce ideas off of? This is the place. And the best part? You DO NOT need to be a member to join in.

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