Are you lonely at home?  How can SLiB help you?

Haven’t times changed since the pandemic started way back in March 2020?  I can still remember being told to pack up my work belongings and start working from home.  I think for a lot of us this meant we had to make some huge adjustments to how we work.  At that point I thought it would only last a few weeks, but as we all know, that just wasn’t the case. For me personally, 2 ½ years later I am still working at home.

Gradually people are returning to the office, working a hybrid model, attending training seminars and retreats – what a huge difference to how we were working just a few years ago.  I really think that these changes were important, as begin to rebuild those personal and professional connections, which we may have lost during lockdown. 

We have seen, since restarting the group a year ago, just how keen people are to meet up, enjoy some cake and chat making those all-important connections.  SLiB offers something truly unique – a friendly, supportive, encouraging environment where women can grow. 

Working for sole traders can often be isolating for many people, when juggling homes and families too is can often feel too much and stressful. Prioritisation of self-care and self-development can also be forgotten whilst busy within our lives. Networking can help you to take time out of your schedule, to achieve both social and developmental activities to maintain your self-esteem and contacts for growth.

It’s hard to put down in words what motivational magic happens during a SLiB meeting – words don’t honestly do it justice, but all I can say is please give it a go!  

Networking is a simple and effective way to promote your business for growth and a way to build and grow real honest friendships and connections – which are invaluable!

We pride ourselves of being a supportive and friendly group, ideal for newbies to networking or for those who wish to find a different vibe – which is why we are the group that promotes ‘networking with heart’.

Kim – Co-founder of SLiB

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